I started Northlore because I found there was too often something missing from natural products, whether it was the quality, effectiveness, sourcing, the sustainability of the packaging, or the aesthetics.

I seek to make non-toxic products that are of the highest quality, good for people, and good for the earth— no compromise.

My products are inspired by the medicinal plants of the North, and I craft scent blends to evoke the wild places that I love. I’m proud to offer you what I’ve created and the business ethics we adhere to along the way.

Natassia Bezoplenko-Brazeau
Founder & Maker



  • Sustainable & ethical wildcrafting

  • Growing gardens to offer high-quality herbal products with a small carbon footprint

  • Ethical and fair-trade ingredient sourcing

  • Eco conscious business practices to lessen our environmental impact

  • Sharing 10% of our profits each quarter with Indigenous Climate Action

  • Paying our employees a living wage



  • A small team of people on the Canadian Prairies

  • Bee-certified - our small team of growers have been internationally recognized by Pollinator Partnership for choosing plants and flowers that attract and promote the health of bees and butterflies

  • A member of Plant family - a group of herbalists and businesses that work with medicinal plant organizations to bring awareness to conservation issues while promoting love and respect for plants


  • That products can be good for people and good for the earth, no compromise

  • In making products that respect future generations by considering the environmental impact of what we produce

  • That a business can contribute to a better world by actively working to incorporate feminist and anti-racist practices throughout our business decisions and on our social platforms


  • Folk herbalism by educating ourselves on herbal wisdom passed down through generations

  • Patient folk methodologies such as small batch steam-distillation and lunar infusion



  • By knowing the facts and gathering information to determine whether our desire to harvest will harm the health of a plant population

  • By only choosing plants for our products that grow abundantly in Canada


  • By valuing people over profit when choosing ingredients in our supply chain


  • By bringing awareness to issues of conservation in Canada and approaching nature with respect and gratitude