You'll find lunar infused herbal oils in the Tacamahac Skin Stick, Lowlands Body Oil, Spruce Tips Lip Butter, and all of my cold processed, biodegradable soaps.

Lunar Infusion

Between new and full moons, I line my gardens or windowsills with large jars of wild and homegrown plant infusions. This is a traditional folk method of extraction, where instead of heating the oil to release the plant’s valuable properties, I allow them to gently release over the course of a full moon cycle.

Folklore suggests that the nurturing energy of the waxing moon works, like its pull on the tides, to further draw out these properties, imbuing a little lunar magic along the way. Proving to be the perfect amount of time for a cold herbal infusion, I've resurrected this patient practice to offer optimum plant potency in every bottle.