Facial Serum - Rosehip Seed


Facial Serum - Rosehip Seed

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Rosehips, the fruit of the wild rose, contain essential fatty acids such as linoleic and oleic acid, known for their ability to hydrate, promote skin cell renewal, and encourage healing.

This rich blend of organic, prairie-grown botanical oils is carefully formulated to feed and hydrate dry skin types, regenerating dull and weathered complexions. The natural properties in these oils additionally help to retain body warmth and energy, and protect skin tissues from the elements.

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  • Organic rosehip seed oil
  • Organic sea buckthorn oil
  • Organic castor seed oil
  • Vitamin e oil
  • Therapeutic grade essential oils of lavender + grapefruit.


Use a few drops on damp skin in place of moisturizer, or begin a new nighttime cleansing ritual by applying a dropper full and covering your face with a hot cloth to open pores. Breathe deeply, gently wipe off excess oil, and admire your dewy glow.