Glacier Salt Soak - Calendula


Glacier Salt Soak - Calendula


Sprinkle these sparkling mineral crystals into your bathwater to relieve sore muscles and relax your weary limbs. 

These salt crystals have been locally sourced from ancient glacier sea deposits beneath the Canadian Prairies. Loaded with essential minerals  known to soften, hydrate and tone skin, they also draw out toxins and promote circulation to flush out sickness and sore muscles.

We’ve added Calendula flowers that were grown, harvested, and dried from our garden. Calendula is an herb that is rich in carotenoids to soothe irritated skin and promote healing. It also has a reputation in folk medicine for warming and uplifting the heart.

This blend is richly scented with therapeutic grade essential oils containing citrus, birch, dark patchouli, and smoked pine.

16 oz. glass jar

Please recycle after use.

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  • Canadian mineral crystals
  • Biodynamically grown calendula flowers
  • Therapeutic grade essential oils of; blood orange, pine, sweet birch, patchouli, + labdanum.

Packaged in a 16 oz. reusable, recyclable glass jar


Sprinkle a healthy handful into bath water and soak your weary limbs.