Skin Stick - Tacamahac


Skin Stick - Tacamahac


Few ancient remedies have stood the test of time, but here’s one that I’ve revived to rave reviews. Tacamahac (tak-uh-ma-hak) is a long-forgotten word referencing balms and medicinal preparations, such as this all-purpose salve, made from the resinous healing buds of the poplar tree.

Every Spring I wait for a storm before gathering fallen poplar branches and infusing the buds in oil for a full moon cycle. An old herbalist trick, this length of time lends itself perfectly to a cold extraction, infusing all of the juicy, moisturizing properties of the buds into the oils, and maybe a little moon magic along the way.

Prairie people tell me they won’t go through another winter without it. Packaged in a compostable stick for ease of use, keep it at hand to soothe dry hands, lips, elbows, soles, or any weather weary bits in need of extra attention.

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  • Pure olive oil + lunar infused poplar bud extract
  • Pure olive oil + lunar infused calendular flower extract
  • Organic beeswax
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Raw honey from our beehives
  • Therapeutic grade essential oil of sweet birch

Packaged in a 1.5 oz compostable stick


Use to moisturize lips, hands, elbows, or any dry, irritated skin.