Lowlands Body Oil

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Our barber pals call this versatile oil the “hot sauce of body products”. Use it to deeply hydrate your body after a shower, to tame hair and beards, and to condition nails. It's light enough that it absorbs easily into skin, making it a great shaving oil or massage oil.

Perfect as a multi-purpose oil for travel, or to keep on your bathroom shelf for all to use.  

Lunar infused with horsetail and red clover that we wildcrafted from the prairie grasslands. What's lunar infusion?

Scented with an earthy blend of organic essential oils, with notes of citrus, wintergreen, dark patchouli, and smoked pine.

4 oz/120 ml glass dropper bottle
Please recycle after use

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  • Olive oil + lunar infused Horsetail extract. Horsetail is rich in the minerals silica to help our bodies form collagen, strengthening hair, skin, and nails.
  • Safflower + lunar infused Red Clover extract. Red Clover is an antioxidant and astringent herb, which makes it helpful for soothing and hydrating dry, irritable, or inflamed skin.
  • Jojoba seed oil
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Organic essential oil blend


  • Use as a moisturizer for your entire body during or after a shower, allowing the water to act as an emollient to absorb the oils into your skin.
  • Use as a shaving oil or massage oil.
  • Condition and tame beards + hair with just a few drops.
  • Anoint your pulse points (wrist and neck) for a sweet and smoky hint of the wild.