Sweetgrass Aura Mist


This uplifting mist is made from hand-distilled Canadian Sweetgrass. Use it to mist your “aura”, the air/energy surrounding your body, or to mildy scent your hair, body, linens, and indoor spaces with notes of honeyed vanilla and prairie grassland.

Sweetgrass has long been revered throughout indigenous cultures as a sacred herb to invoke positive energy. Keep one in your workspace, beside your bed, where you meditate, or take it with you to access the sweet essence and aromatherapy of this plant throughout the day.

Note: Botanical waters don’t have the staying power of synthetic or alcohol based fragrances so expect a subtler, natural scent that mildly lingers on hair, skin, and linens.

2 oz/60 ml glass bottle
with fine mister
Please recycle after use

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Additional Info


  • 100% pure distilled Canadian Sweetgrass


  • Mist hair and body for a mild, lingering scent
  • Can be used as a smokeless smudge
  • Mist "aura" (air/energy) surrounding your body and breathe deeply. Hydrosol is safe to inhale and a portable form of aromatherapy.